Act Now! Do not be a loser at Fifty.

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Making a losing gesture can be contagious! Let’s learn a strategy!!!
Winners always have a plan and a dream of winning! What about you?

I do not know your present age but there will be a time when you will reach fifty. Just as an eye-opening exercise, check out your age and see when you will turn fifty. It may be five, ten, or maybe twenty years. Remember, either you act or stay dormant time will continue to fly and before you know it the fiftieth birthday will be here.

If you have been still thinking to start making plans for your life and real success then the right time is now. As the world is transforming from global crises, it is the best moment that you get grip on your personal affairs, life path, and future plans. Many who are careless will be in the real sorry state of affairs if there is no action plan for future years of life.

Life is not a bed of roses. You may have realized it after you left your parent’s home. Many people you met in school, college, workplace, and at a social gathering seemed to be friends but the majority of them were selfish and unworthy of being friends. They promised much but in the end, showed the real selfish picture of life. They thinned out at the first glimpse of troubles. Instead of staying beside you, they disappeared like ghosts of smoke with never to be seen again.

You attended the big-name college, joined fancy clubs, built up a designer wardrobe, moved into a high-priced apartment/ home, bought yourself a luxury car but still the social acceptance and elite status you wanted never appeared in your life.

You tried the palm readers, (the friendly Asian lady) reading tarots and telling you of the future but all were just hoaxes without any reliable foundation.

You wanted to be happy, healthy, famous, with the elite celebrity status but still stumbling upon the rocks without knowing where and how your glory will start. When will be the day when you will be honored with a performance award from your work? Will, there ever be recognition, and high-status acknowledgment from the world catered to your name or you will go down the history without any history.

If these are your thoughts and you have a burning desire that does not let you go to sleep producing insomnia and making you take sleeping pills, then you are at the right place. Your ship, at last, has arrived, and now it is your day. You are just a few steps away from realizing your dreams of success, and happiness.

I am not just providing hollow words or hope of smoke but a real-time practical program custom-tailored for you and every individual having dreams of success, peace, as well as high social and satisfying economic status and with a healthy body.

Now you may be asking yourself by scratching your head and nodding in disbelief that what is it, a magic pill or some kind of a trick of empty and shallow promises?

I state that it is none of these crawling and creeping negative thoughts rather it is a hands-on program of step-by-step guided training and coaching to help any individual realize what they always have wanted in life. Here are the breakdown analysis of the training workshops.

A large number of World people are still lost in the worldly maze of puzzles and uncertainty. They have learned the art of business, crafts, engineering, and a host of professions and can be called Socrates of these professions but one very crucial skill of “dealing with people” has not been learned.

It is not a wonder that the best university in the world can give you a degree with years of labor and hard work but is not able to provide human working, understanding, and dealing skills.

What do we mean by understanding human relations and dealing with people skills?

Just pick up the newspaper at any newsstand or just turn on the evening news, or yet more easy to open the browser on your mobile phone. When you reach the news page, browse and you will see robberies, theft, family quarrels, husband and wife divorces, and unhappy employees.

See the Difference! The happy waiting room is filled with smiles and life and hope which perpetuates dreams…

When you are in a public place, just look around and you will see unhappy and worried faces. People look like the living dead without happiness or satisfied facial expressions. You see them rushing and running like mechanical robots, hurrying, and eating while walking on the streets.

You will also see and experience the careless behaviors of people against one another. People are present next to each other but looking away and or busy with their electronic screens. People ignore the presence of others while sitting or standing closely on a train or a bus. You will notice people being rude to each other while not knowing each other. Young and old alike with flat and emotionless faces.

What do you think is the real issue?

Make a wild guess. You can think that it is the lack of money or maybe the time but research states that none of these is the real issue. The real challenge is that all of these are ordinary people who have never been informed and taught the art of winning human relations. Every day millions of people lose jobs, find themselves in trouble and difficulties due to improper use of the tongue. You may not know that the abusive usage of tongue costs more damage and loss of wealth, progress, and prosperity than all of the combined human errors in the world. People physically close are in reality thousands of miles apart.

Just spot the difference! Happy couple versus disputed and frustrated couples. Which one is yours?

Now you see what I meant when I stated that the majority of these people do not know how to move forward in life, climb the health, wealth, happiness, social, and economic ladder. Many of them have tried haphazardly but after futile attempts realized the structured failure and have given up. Now they are living but in reality, are just existing and dragging their corpses without the spirit and hope of a glorious future.

Happy couples and success go hand in hand, reported by Ebony . What about you as a couple?

I hope you are not the one who has lost all hope of a successful and glorious future. Or still, life has not burned you badly without a visible cure. Maybe you are also finding yourself being among the failures of yesterdays and among the piles of the dead and the hopeless.

I am sure that you have not completely given up and are still seeking the path to success. You want to learn the secret of success and want to master the art of human relations. You are also yearning for health, wealth, wisdom, power, success, and great social and family relations.

Real freedom is not in the democracy or the money but real freedom is being financially able to support yourself and your loved ones and still have the free time to do whatever you want. Real freedom is enjoyed when there are no bosses to report to and you have the option to spend your time in any way you would like to.

Once there was a child who was asked questions about what he wanted in life when he grew up? He replied, “I want to be happy”. The real need of people including us and our families is the quest of being happy and free.

Now imagine that happiness is a small mountain and everyone in the world is trying to reach the top of it. But the rule is that only the passionate, persistent and learned will reach the citadel. I, as a coach am the guide of those wanting to get to the top. I also am here to provide the necessary one-of-a-kind support, education, and training to get my students to their goals and aspirations.

Here is how it works!

The program of success has been divided into ten (10) essential parts. I call them segments of the life placement examination. These ten golden nuggets are:

A. Emotional Maturity

B. Time as lifetime and not the daily hour

C. Family and Social Life

D. Profession and Job

E. Money and Finance

F. Health

G. Power

H. Love and Romance

I. Wisdom and Strategies

J. Meeting with your Creator

I am thrilled to offer these one day ten workshops. Please visit each section to learn about these skills and see how it can help you become the person you always wanted to be.

Remember! An average undergraduate degree in the United States costs around $200,000 in costs plus four years and hundreds of exams and tests but still, a vast number of graduates are looking for success and prosperity. It tells a lot about the education system. More research shows that “the skills set of a particular job is only twenty percent” while “handling people and dealing with people skills are eighty percent” of the job.

I state that these ten skills are to light up the path of glory, happiness, and financial prosperity.

I invite you to explore and register for the workshop of your desire. I am sure once you attend and learn the skills of one of these crucial areas of life, you will be so delighted that you will return to collect all ten of the skill sets.

Benefits will be rewarding in happiness, better human relations, promotions at work, better opportunities falling your way. You will have the knowledge to better health, advancement in ethical and moral lifestyle, social and economic uplifting, decreased dependency upon shortlived manners, and awareness of the purpose of life as a whole.

Choose one of the courses and learn the art of living with the fullest benefits and understanding of life. I am sure to say that after you have completed all ten workshops, your life will not be the same. It will be much better with the highest rewards the world has to offer. All that you always wanted will be in your reach and grasp of easy access. Good luck while I look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops.


Professor Dr. Mohammad Qasim


Head Coach