1. Harmonic life with the wisdom of ages
  2. Never Failing love and married life
  3. Secrets of winning power and methods to maintain it for life.
  4. The Winning art of Communication.

These five workshops are the key to harmonic life and are available online in lecture-style teaching. We guarantee that a live expert teacher will attend these seminar-style workshops and will work with a workbook (provided) and in detail will explain and help complete assignments.

Each seminar is divided into eight one-hour lectures and a review of copyrighted materials provided to our students. AMISUN guarantees that the knowledge received from these workshops lectures is incomparable to any other course or seminar being offered in the market at the current and present time.

Normally these are in-class seminar-style lectures but due to the COVID-19, classroom participation is suspended and online classes are big offered.