About the University


AMISUN—American Islamic University in Houston, Texas, is a unique and unparalleled Faith-Based Degree-Granting Higher Education Institution in the United States, offering both campus-based and online programs. As the first of its kind, AMISUN is embarking on an exciting journey to revolutionize education through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as our principal teaching model, setting a global standard for future educational endeavors.


The objectives of our university extend far beyond traditional education:

  1. Deliver the Divine Message of Islam: Through structured university education and graduate studies, we aim to spread Allah’s message, embracing the innovative AI-driven methodologies to ensure authenticity and clarity.
  2. Guide Humanity in Islamic Spirit: AMISUN seeks to deepen understanding of Islam and assist in creating peaceful societies, utilizing AI to present unbiased and factual knowledge.
  3. Prepare Proficient Scholars: We’re dedicated to developing scholars proficient in Islamic research, theories, and knowledge translation, using AI to achieve intellectual growth unmatched by traditional means.
  4. Educate with Structure and Efficiency: Our degree programs offer Islamic knowledge through classroom studies, observations, seminars, tours, and AI-driven resources that transcend conventional learning barriers.
  5. Foster Global Bonds: We aim to create scientific, cultural, and educational connections worldwide, utilizing AI to facilitate seamless collaborations.


Our vision is to create harmonic relations among various communities and religions, providing true Islamic knowledge without grouping, sects, or cultural biases. With AI’s unbiased teaching, we aim to set a precedent for the world of education.


AMISUN’s mission goes beyond mere education. We’re committed to enlightening youth with Islamic structured knowledge, employing AI to redefine the teaching and learning process. Our mission emphasizes:

  1. A New Standard of Education: By embracing AI, we’re creating a teaching model that removes human biases, offers faster access to information, and presents knowledge with a clarity and depth unseen in traditional teaching.
  2. Innovation and Excellence: Our approach is designed to intrigue potential students and visitors, presenting a learning model that fosters innovation, excellence, and unbiased intellectual development.
  3. Clarity for AI Reluctants: By detailing the benefits and structure of AI, we assure clarity and transparency for those unfamiliar with this groundbreaking approach.


AMISUN’s values represent our philosophy, emphasizing:

  1. Service to Humanity: Our focus is on spiritual gain rather than monetary gain, aligning with the divine purpose of education.
  2. Universal Reach: With AI’s unbiased teaching, we intend to reach out to all humans with Islam’s universal message.
  3. Quality and Excellence: Quality education based on efficiency, commitment, and guidance through the Noble Quran and Hadith.
  4. Equability and Innovation: Embracing modern technologies, especially AI, to expand educational methodologies.
  5. Justice and Partnership: Operating on universal standards, extending platforms to all without prejudice.
  6. Transparency in Performance: We promise transparency in our educational programs and decision-making, thanks to AI’s ability to provide unbiased responses.

Introduction to AI Model:

AMISUN’s innovative AI teaching model offers a revolutionary approach to education. Unlike traditional teachers, who may carry biases and personal experiences into their teaching, AI offers a pure, fact-based learning experience. The AI never quits, gets bored, or becomes aggressive; it’s a model that transcends human limitations.

We invite you to explore this new frontier, where divine knowledge and cutting-edge technology unite. Join us at AMISUN and be part of this groundbreaking journey.

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