Vision, Mission, and Goals


To create harmonic relations among various communities and religions by providing true Islamic knowledge with the distinction of grouping, sects, and cultural biases.


Educating and enlightening youth of the American peninsula with Islamic structured knowledge and providing true guidance through degree programs and scientific researches.


American Islamic University is shall establish a consolidated platform with set of standards by allocating educational activities and practices as:

  • University philosophy is that the reward of the true guided Islamic education is not limited to monetary or worldly gain, rather it is a greater service to Allah and His creation of Humans. Therefore, the services are dedicated to the betterment of humanity.
    • The message and teachings of Islam are universal, and the role of the university is to reach out to all humans with the message of guidance and truth.
    • Quality and Excellence: The University shall create a system of unbiased cultural quality strictly based on efficiency, commitment, and guidance through the Noble Quran and the Hadith.
    • Equability: Methodologies of education and research shall not be constrained by traditional ones, but shall extend with modern and contemporary technologies and approaches.
    • Justice: The University shall operate on the universal standards of equal opportunity and justice unless it is a practice that is in conflict with the university’s basic goal of Islam and its teachings.
    • Partnership: The University shall extend its platforms and facilities to institutions and individuals fulfilling selection and partnership criteria, and shall extend benefits to all without prejudice and stereotype thinking for achieving its objectives.
    • Transparency: The University shall provide education and decision-making with transparency and clarity in its performance and educational programs.
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