Unlike a Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies and its many branches, AMISUN is proud to offer a Degree Doctor in Islamic Jurisprudence. We specially designed this degree for practicing lawyers already licensed and working in the Legal fields as Legal Advocates and an Attorney. This degree is a pure research and previous Islamic knowledge quantification-based degree program where a practicing lawyer in an Islamic country is taken the route of combining legal knowledge into the Islamic Jurisprudence Doctor degree program. Candidates are required to attend and pass the Research method course within the first two semesters of candidature and all the graduation requirements before being conferred the Degree. This is a one-year course for practicing lawyers with at least High Court License and or five years of experience and active local bar membership standing. Others not having the active bar membership with practicing authority are also accepted but their duration of studies will be determined case-by-case basis. Students will also be required to write a thesis in one of the specialized fields that shall be discussed and a proposal for research shall be submitted after completing the first semester of studies for the IJ.D degree. The medium of the thesis is in English but underneath special occasions, the Senate may approve the usage of a language other than English for the thesis in requirement.

The applicants will carry out centered studies in their area of specialization that is of immediate relevance to the ummah and the community interest. Graduates of this program will be prepared to take the academic and Islamic knowledge with legal specialization to the challenges faced inside the global area via the seminars, conferences, and much greater.

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