President’s Message

Praise be to Allah, the Creator of the Universe, with Salam (safety and noble salutation) and blessings be upon the final and the last of the Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, his family and companions.

I personally welcome you to the AMISUN. It is a unique institution in Houston, Texas with a focus on faith-based higher education while providing the most updated and scientific industry and market skills opportunities. We offer higher education as well as High School diploma earning opportunities for both on campus as well as online students. We, however, prefer the physical presence of the student that he/ she may get acquainted with the university discipline, ethical and moral standards, community life, and family understanding by attending regular daily classes. If the student is unable to attend the physical campus, we are equally equipped with the highest standards of Information Technology what the unmatched industry standards.

We additionally offer education to all people in disregard of their age, religion, race, ethnic background, and any other discriminatory measures. We require a personal interview with the academic deans to determine the eligibility of entering the university’s academic programs. Previous knowledge and work experience are important and they are evaluated and dealt with a case to case basis. Therefore, we have a credible admissions policy where only the dedicated and the focused students are offered a limited number of seats that they may acquire divine and worldly knowledge and then be able to apply it in their personal and social lives.

I would state that if you have ever dreamed about the Islamic education but were afraid of the traditional madrassa type institutions, now is the time that you should reconsider Islamic education again with the modern touches as well as specially designed with the Western youth and contemporary culture in mind. The university is a bridge to provide applied degrees in the Islamic faith while focusing on Islamic Theories presented in the Holy and Noble Quran, the Hadith (work and sayings of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH) as well as traditions of Islamic Scholarly works, Islamic Science, and Islamic development and growth.

I welcome you to visit and browse our website and with further steps, contact the nominated office or write directly to my office. I guarantee that the university’s programs and degrees you will find fascinating, interesting, and life-altering. Good Luck and See you Soon!

Aslam o Alakum,

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Qasim, BA, MPA, MCP, PH.D.



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