Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

General Description:

Responsible for supervision, oversight and monitoring of the university’s compliance with, state, federal and local regulatory requirements and all accreditation/certification standards such as The Joint Commission. Establishes a quality assurance system to ensure procedures and protocols are consistent with requirements to achieve constant readiness for regulatory site visits and surveys.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Provides leadership in the development and implementation of strategies regarding regulatory compliance.

Directs and coordinates accreditation, policy, and regulatory affairs initiatives for the university; serves as the organizational liaison with Joint Commission and other pertinent regulatory agencies.

Assesses compliance with accreditation standards and regulations. Identifies areas of vulnerability related to accreditation standards and regulations.

Develops and monitors actions to address individual and aggregate trends to ensure adherence to all regulatory compliances. Evaluates the effectiveness of corrective actions for identified problems and continuous quality improvement activities.

Coordinates quality reviews, identifies resources needed, people to be involved, and the logistics of accomplishing the project.

Monitors for and communicates changes in federal and state regulations, Joint Commission accreditation standards university leadership and staff.
Participates in State and Federal quality improvement projects to obtain comparative data on quality indicators, to use in assessing how well the institution is doing in relation to others and compliance with the Joint Commission standards.

Leads and participates in relevant Academic and Accreditation committees such as Continual Readiness Committee and Performance Improvement Oversight Committee.

Develops and updates policies and procedures as needed to remain in compliance. Responsible for the flow of policies and once approved posts on the AMISUN intranet website.

Provides in-services and continuing education for staff.

Supervises staff responsible for coordinating compliance with accreditation and regulatory standards.

Serves as the representative for external interactions with accrediting and regulatory bodies.

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