University Giving!


Allah says in the Holy and Noble Book of Quran in Surah Al-Hadid(الحديد)  that:

Giving a gift of Education is the greatest gift one may bestow upon the humanity. It is the duty of all Muslims to learn and those who help make this possible sure have the highest reward from Allah capturing blessings and rewards (as mentioned in the Ayats of the Noble Quran) will succeed in both worlds.

Again in another place in Surah Al-Munafiqun(المنافقون) Allah states:

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Aslam-o-Alakum.

American Islamic University is a unique project started out without any funds and assistance from any noblity, government, wealthy and the business giant. It was started by an individual with a purpose to provide Higher Education Degree Program to Muslims and Non-Muslims living in the Western world. People who are eager and willing to learn the Islamic knowledge and practice it as it is wirtten in the books contry to adapted practices of different sects and groups.

Another group of young adults and students being served are those who have completed a Madrassah and Islamic High School program in the United States and in any other Western nation and their career objectives are to gain highest degrees in the Islamic faith. The education, knowledge and degree programs in the AMISUN are designed to equip the student with contemporary worldy skills but with moral and ethical controls. Student learning at AMISUN are the best example of being the best human being in conduct, affairs, dealing, ethics, and living practices.

AMISUN does not provide only a degree but an ethical and moral lifestyle exactly providing the Islam as a “Complete Social Order” life plan.

Youe help in contributions of Material and Finances are the basic support that AMISUN is continuing its mission. Our hopes are high and we strongly believe that Allah is the best provider. Your contributions are much appreciated and again, only Allah will return the favors of HIS blessing upon those contributing to HIS cause of educating the humanity. May Allah’s blessing be with you.

Please fill in the form below and we will send you a secure link to contribute electronically to the University. We look forward to seeing your name on the contributions list. Stay connected, and stay blessed. W’Salam.

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