University Agency for International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange


As early as 2020, AMISUN joined the IAE Process, a global initiative aiming to modernize higher education.

Issues such as teachers and students’ mobility and the recognition of qualifications, quality, and excellence are at the heart of AMISUN’s policy.

Through its unique Consortium format, AMISUN was able to sign several agreements with Islamic and non-Islamic universities, and the school collaborates with its partners on issues of common interest, whether through its academic programs, student exchanges, internships, conferences, workshops, or summer/winter school programs.


AMISUN has always put a premium on providing a quality integration and follow-up to international students, to ensure their full integration in their new environment and give them the clues to succeed in their studies.

Administrative Support

The Student Affair Team provides students with individual assistance at all stages:

– finding an accommodation,

– obtaining a residence permit,

– opening a bank account, registration for Health Insurance

– finding a professional internship,

– ECTS transfers and organization of the curriculum

Academic Support

The human-size structure of AMISUN allows for a very good professor/student ratio and means that professors are easily accessible to students who may have academic-related questions.

A professor is specifically appointed as a referent for each AMISUN’s academic partner to help students ahead in their choice of courses and course material and answer any questions related to the courses during their studies.

Linguistic Support

In accordance with its international mission, AMISUN strongly encourages foreign language learning.

AMISUN’s curriculum is totally delivered in ENGLISH to enable home students to master an international language and to facilitate the integration of international students.

Weekly classes of the Arabic language are included in the curriculum to facilitate adaptation to the daily French environment. 

Students are also given the opportunity to study a second foreign language. Any foreign language can be taught provided there are enough students registered with a similar level.

Curriculum Organization

AMISUN offers a flexible curriculum by allowing students to choose their courses within the academic constraints described in the academic regulations. To help them choose their courses, the curriculum is organized in 8 thematic study tracks.

For more information about the content of the courses and curriculum organization, please refer to the page related to your mobility duration:

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