Islamic Law

Faculty of Islamic Law (Shari’a)

The religious law of Islam is seen as the expression of Allah’s command for Muslims and, in the application, constitutes a system of duties that are incumbent upon all Muslims by virtue of the religious belief. Known as the Sharīʿah (literally, “the wide path leading to the right direction”), the law represents a divinely ordained path of comprehensive activities of individuals and society and guiding them towards total submission and obedience. Sharia or Islamic law has two parts where the first part is making one’s life following the guidance provided in the Quran and with the practices of the Prophet Muhammad while the second part deals with Islamic social behavior in business, justice, and the human governance. Worldly laws are based on the social agreement while Sharia is based on the revelation and orders of the Creator of the Universe and are universal and abiding upon all humans until the last day of the planet earth.

Degrees Offered

Associate in Islamic Law  

Credit Hours Required:  Sixty- (60)

Bachelor in Islamic Law

Credit Hours Required:  One Hundred and Twenty- (120)

Masters in Islamic Law

Credit Hours Required:  Forty Eight- (48)

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Law

Credit Hours Required:  Fifty Four- (54)

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