Undergraduate Admissions Application

Write course name, grade, and details exactly as it appears in the transcripts.
Provide name, address, and other necessary information about your sponsor.
Please list all brothers and sisters married and unmarried from same biological parents.
College name- Dates of attendance- semester credits- Degree (if any) (Please use the same order as provided in this list)
Name of Activity, Activity Details (years, accomplishments etc.)
If No background History, Please write N/A otherwise list details and explain circumstances which led to the situation. A conviction does not disqualify the applicant from admissions automatically. AMISUN reviews each situation individually and makes details after careful considerations.
Type your name in the space provided above.
We recommend typing the statement in Word format and then Copy/ Pasting it in this application.
Only Numbers are allowed in this field. ############ format
Please type your name here- It is imperative that an online typed name is considered equal to a signature.
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