Create a realistic image of a professional meeting with eight deans, including five men and three women, all in modern Islamic attire. They are seated around a round table in a modern office that incorporates Islamic design elements. The office is well-lit and spacious, decorated with Islamic art and calligraphy, emphasizing a blend of traditional Islamic culture with contemporary office design. The participants are engaged in a serious discussion, with documents and digital devices in front of them, reflecting a dynamic and inclusive academic environment.
Roles of the Deanship

·        General supervision on all matters relative to students including  preparation of cultural and social activities’ plans, activation of clubs and extracurricular partnerships and others, as well as the follow-up of its implementation to develop and enhance the University students’ skills. 

·        Oversee student services and upgrade them to create suitable university environment.

·        Pay due concern to the issue of students’ housing diligently and continuously, as well as healthy nutrition for university students.

·        Pay attention to scientific trips and student participation and giving recommendation for students’ participation in all local, regional and international competitions.

·        Provide special care for students with special needs,​ assist them in overcoming difficulties, provide suggestions and alternatives as well as devices and tools that enable them to achieve their academic ambitions.

·        Provide psychological, social, skillful counseling and guidance to assist university students.

·        Control the behavioral situation and reduce rate of violations, through activation of the disciplinary committee as well as imposition of penalties in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the University.

·        Approve the agenda of the board of the fund to support and follow up university students.

·        Strive and support the role and participation of the Advisory Committee of students.

·        Raise awareness about regulations and rules and enlighten students about their rights and duties as part of the university publications and brochures.

·        Prepare students professionally and skillfully and qualify them to be highly competent in proportion with labor market outputs.

·        Create effective partnerships that contribute to the development of the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the University.

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