Academic Council

The Academic Council is the academic body of the University and has the power to lay down proper procedures for instructions, research, and examination and to regulate and promote the academic life of the University constituent colleges and Affiliated Colleges. The Academic Council has the following powers:

  1. To advise the Syndicate on academic matters.
  2. To regulate teaching, research, and examinations.
  3. To regulate the admission of students to the courses of studies and examinations of the University, its constituent colleges, and Affiliated Colleges.
  4. To regulate the award of scholarships, studentships, medals, and prizes.
  5. To regulate the conduct and discipline of the students of the University and Affiliated Colleges.
  6. To propose to the Board of Directors schemes for the constitution and organization of faculties, institutes, and other academic bodies.
  7. To make Regulations on the recommendations of the Board of studies for consideration and approval of the Syndicate.
  8. To propose for each academic year, on the recommendations of the Board of Studies, Regulations prescribing the courses of studies, the syllabus, and the outlines of the tests for all University examinations, if the recommendations of the Board of Faculties or Board of Studies are not received by the prescribed date, the Academic Council may, subject to the approval of Board of Directors, permit such regulations to continue for the next following year.
  9. To recognize the examinations of other universities or examining bodies as equivalent to the corresponding examinations of the University.
  10. To make Regulations for submission to the Board of Directors.
  11. To appoint members to the Authorities in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.
  12. To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Statutes.
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