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Create a photorealistic image of the AMISUN (American Islamic University) Registrar Office, designed to be majestic and inspiring. The office is spacious and elegantly designed, with high ceilings, large windows that let in plenty of natural light, and intricate Islamic architectural elements such as arches, geometric patterns, and calligraphy. Two clerks are working diligently at their counters, equipped with modern technology and surrounded by organized paperwork. The ambiance is professional yet welcoming, with a touch of greenery to add life and a warm, inviting color scheme that reflects the university's values of wisdom, openness, and service. This setting not only emphasizes the importance of the registrar's office in academic administration but also symbolizes AMISUN's commitment to excellence and cultural heritage.
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AMISUN is the first in the world to offer non-Muslim students the degrees and diplomas in Islamic faith and knowledge. Our admissions are open to all qualifying students meeting the minimum required criteria. The AMISUN offers free evaluations of a prospective student’s previous works, grades, and experience. AMISUN may require an Interview with the respected Dean of the particular field of interest. However, AMISUN is a non-discriminatory and equal opportunity institution.

We offer Diplomas, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees in Islamic faith-based disciplines. AMISUN offers 13 Associate, 11 Bachelor, 11 Masters, and 10 Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Islam degrees. For detailed curriculums and degree programs, please visit our Academic Bodies page.

Main Office:

3944-2 West Alabama Street, Houston, Texas 77027,

United States of America


+1-713-319-8175 University Hotline
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