Vice President’s Office

Top Administrator of the University

Vice President is the top Administrator of the AMISUN. His duties include operations and management of day to day affairs of the university. It is also the responsibility of the Office of the Vice President to analyze the state of health of the institution. The office is also the hub of the universities as it is the seat of administrative offices such as Operations, Faculty Deans, Social and Research Offices, Social and Intellectual Institutes, Student Affairs, Community Affairs, and a host of other offices necessary to operate and manage an institution of Higher Education.

The Vice President of the university is appointed by the Board of Directors with the recommendations of the President and Deans of Research, Education, Accreditation and Regulatory Affairs.

If you would like to connect and or to reach out, it is the duty of the Vice President to adhere to the communication and select an authority to communicate a special affiar of the candid need of an individual and or the institution.

For concerns and comments, it is recommended that an email contact will be appreciated, adhered, and considered. Telephonic communication will be established if necessary.

Ms. Saraya Qasim

Vice President

Email: vp@amisun-edu-us

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