Comparative Religious Studies

Create an image of a building for the "School of Comparative Studies" at AMISUN (American Islamic University), featuring a prominent sign with the school's name on top. The building should be designed in a style that reflects both modern and Islamic architectural elements, symbolizing the school's focus on bridging different cultures and academic disciplines. It should have elegant arches, intricate geometric patterns, and a blend of traditional and contemporary materials. The facade is imposing yet welcoming, with large windows and an entrance that invites intellectual exploration and cross-cultural dialogue. The surrounding area is landscaped with greenery, creating a serene and conducive environment for study and reflection. This building stands as a testament to AMISUN's commitment to fostering an understanding of diverse worldviews and the critical examination of various fields of knowledge through a comparative lens.

Faculty of Comparative studies has a greater purpose to intdocue tolerance and understanding between relgiions and followers of different faiths. It is imperative that in order to understand other religions and standing of its followers, one must possess some theological knowlegde about that particular faith. Therefore, such knowlegde is imperative to have greater understanding for improved and friendly communal affairs among different societies, cultures and faiths.

The study of comparative religious studies provides coure work and seminars first analyzing the differences in theological teahcings. Then analyzing different scriptures and religious book, as well as understanding cultural and social factors. These syatematic learning only comes from the structured and step by step incremental knowledge of each faith and its teahcings. The Faculty of Comparative courses are built around the notion to teach each student the logical and social parts of each of the relgions to compare and to udnerstand differences.

Degree holder of this program will be able to have interfaith dialogues with knowledge and foundation and not just following what the media and opposting factors are presenting the picture of a certain faith. Student will become a practitioner of the mutual agreements and differences under the light of the particular faith as well as from the view of the Islamic teachings.

Degrees Offered

Course CategoryNumber of Courses to complete*
University Requirements
Foundation of Islamic Knowledge (CORE)10
Faculty of _______________ Requirements
American Government1
American History1
Prerequisite Courses 
Health and Physical Education2
Major Requirements
100 level3
200 level3
300 level2
400 level2
Internship- Project2
Other Graduation Requirements^
Free Electives2
+ – Courses in the various categories may overlap leading to a different total number of courses. * – Because of course overlap and depending on the choice of courses, the total number of credit hours may vary. ^ – A minimum of 120 credits are required for graduation. A sufficient number of extra courses must be taken to meet any credit shortfall. Students are advised to consult their advisor regarding selection of courses.

Degrees Offered

Associate in Comparative Studies

Credit Hours Required:  Sixty- (60)

Bachelor in Comparative Studies

Credit Hours Required:  One Hundred and Twenty- (120)

Masters in Comparative Studies

Credit Hours Required:  Forty Eight- (48)

Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Studies

Credit Hours Required:  Fifty Four- (54)

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