School of Graduate Studies and Research

Why Graduate School at aAMISUN?

A graduate degree from AMISUN will help you to:

 – Advance in your faith and career – Become a better individual
 – Polish your professional skills – Develop new competencies
 – Build Future with Divine Knowledge – Think Sustainably
 – Enter a doctoral program – Learn actively

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is dedicated to providing quality graduate programs that prepare students for professional careers in the Islamic faith and doctoral programs. Our graduate students learn something new every day in small classes taught by dedicated graduate faculty.

In addition to our campus-based graduate degree programs, we offer programs online available to all nations and individuals. Our online master’s degree programs give place-bound students additional flexibility to pursue advanced degrees. There are also numerous funding opportunities to help pay for graduate school such as assistantships, grants, tuition waivers, fellowships, scholarships, and financial aid.

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