Deanship of Community Service

Create an image of the dean's office for Administrative and Academic Development at the American Islamic University, featuring a sophisticated and professional setting. The office is spacious and well-lit, with a large, elegant desk made of dark wood at the center. Behind the desk sits the dean, portrayed as a figure of authority and wisdom, dressed in professional attire. The office is equipped with comfortable chairs for guests, suggesting an environment conducive to dialogue and collaboration. The decor includes bookshelves filled with academic texts and Islamic literature, a large window providing natural light and a view of the campus, and subtle Islamic art elements, such as geometric patterns or calligraphy, incorporated into the room's design. This setting reflects the dean's role in fostering administrative excellence and academic innovation within the university.

Social and community service Dean coordinates and supervises social service programs and community organizations. He manages workers who provide social services to the public.


Social and community service Dean has the following responsibilities:

  • Work with community members and other stakeholders to identify necessary programs and services
  • Oversee administrative aspects of programs to meet the objectives of the stakeholders
  • Analyze data to determine the effectiveness of programs
  • Suggest and implement improvements to programs and services
  • Plan and manage outreach activities to advocate for increased awareness of programs
  • Write proposals for social services funding

Social and community service Dean work for a variety of social and human service programs. Some programs focus on working with a particular demographic, such as students with special needs, community homeless, older adults, or veterans. The AMISUN Dean however focuses on helping people with particular challenges, such as substance abuse, mental health needs, chronic hunger, and long-term unemployment.

Social and community service Dean make sure that their programs and services are effective and are making the desired outcome in the community. His office collects statistics and other information to evaluate the impact their programs have on the community or their target audience. He is required to report this information to administrators and to the endowment sponsors. He is to provide evaluations to identify opportunities to improve university offered programs, such as providing mentorship and assessments for their staff.

Although the specific job duties of social and community service Dean varies as the university is progressing towards new heights, the Dean must recruit, hire, and train new staff members. He is to supervise staff, such as social workers, who provide services directly to clients. Additionally, they may perform some of the services of the workers they oversee.

The Dean of Community Services is also responsible to design programs and also present it for the approvals to the Vice President’s office as well as prepare reports for the community and stakeholders.

The Dean is also responsible of maintaining and developing his official budget and provide support in raising funds and meeting with potential donors.

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