Deanship of Scientific Research

Dean of Scientific Research holds a managerial role in the AMISUN that conducts social and anthropological scientific research and produces scientific products based on the Holy and Noble Quran provided evidence, knowledge, and theories. This office works with students of all levels interested in studying science and Islam and planning to work in the scientific community of Islamic social scientists. In addition, to independent research, the scientific dean office leads teams, creates policy and protocol, and collaborates with university executives.

Essential Information

Dean of Scientific Research works with social and anthropological Islamic scientists to work on research agendas and provides material, financial, and staff as well as facilitation of research projects for research to be effective, meaningful, and focus purposes. These scientists with advanced degrees and years of experience performing successful independent research are poised to develop strategic projects of social and cultural advancements with Divine interference through Quran and providing guided researches for meaningful adoption. .Dean of Science may also be referred to as natural science manager because it generally acts as liaisons between the university’s executive administrators and the scientists and technicians who make up a research division, although they may also work with collaborative organizations.

Participants of research projects may be internal students or they may be a collaboration between different universities local or global. For participation in research projects, a researcher may forward a proposal directly to the Dean and the office has the authority and work agendas to forwards it, investigate it, approve or reject as per guidelines and procedures. The Dean also seeks out funding for a particular research project and arranges the overall accommodations of such a researcher and its teams. Professionals who conduct and lead research projects most likely have graduate degrees. Furthermore, it would not be uncommon for scientific researchers to hold multiple degrees, including degrees in one or more of the natural sciences as well as degrees related to social science and business management.

Acceptance of Proposals

The university and its executive body with the assistance of the Dean of Scientific Research publishes an annual research agenda based on social and global needs. This list is available upon request from the office of the Dean. Researchers interested in the themes may acquire a complete package of the research proposals and apply for the research to be placed on the agenda of the university. Those having their own novel research may also ask the university to have their proposals reviewed by the Dean’s office.

The primary duties of the Dean’s office are devising research proposals and programs based on the desires of the organization’s executives. Dean’s office coordinates meetings, both within and among teams it leads, and shoulder administrative responsibilities in personnel and budget management. Dean of Scientific Research also supervises the implementation of programs and coordinates the work between different schools and phases of the research for maximum efficiency and progress. Dean’s office then reports these results to executives. Dean also meets with clients or regulators to discuss, and report or explain projects. Dean of Scientific Research also works with other departments on tasks related to policymaking, intellectual property, or management of research sites

Integral secondary duties include hiring personnel, training them for the specific research projects, and supervising their research. Dean of Scientific Research also manages the budget for its division, including personnel salaries, equipment, and supply costs. Additionally, it develops acceptable work policies and procedures that meet government or industry regulatory standards.

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