The University Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Research

American Islamic University is pleased to honor outstanding university researchers

The University Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research announces the launch of the third session for the University Research Excellence Awards

For the current academic year 2022-2023 for the following Award sections:

Section I: Quality Award for Scientific Research.

Section II: Gazarah Award for Scientific Research.

Section III: Research Excellence Award for university scholarships and postgraduate students.

Section IV: Best Book Author/Translator Award.

Section V: Patent Award.

Section VI: Scientific Discovery Award.

Section VII: Specialized International Achievements Awards.

Section VIII: Research Center Excellence Award

For the Award guidelines and criteria requirements please check with the concerned department.

For applying:

Click on the Award icon on the University website, starting from:

Contact Us: Director Research


(Note: all querries and concerns should be forarded via email. The agency will normally respond within 24 hours).

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